Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let's work together to end cartoon violence

Yeah, yah, I know the violence over the Mohammed cartoons is a very serious thing. But when people write headlines like "Bush urges end to cartoon violence," you're just setting it up on a tee. (I see they've since changed the headline, but that's what it was before...I wonder if there's some out-of-work headline writer wandering the streets right now, wondering how else he could possibly earn $19,000 a year.)

So anyway, I'll bite. I say, let's come together and stop
dropping anvils on one another, huh? After all, are we not human? If you drop an anvil on me, do stars not encircle my head? And while we're at it, why don't we refrain from setting each others' butts on fire? And can't we all just get along without running away from each other, until we reach a cliff, and then we paint a tunnel in the cliff and run through that, but the person chasing us runs into the wall and can't get through the tunnel, and a bunch of their teeth fall out?

I picture a traumatized president, in a chocolate-stained striped T-shirt, watching TV and tearfully wondering why that bird has to be so mean to that cat. So for the sake of that image, Nation of Islam, let's end this cartoon violence once and for all. You've all become such a bunch of, I don't know, caricatures.

(Psst...Wanna see them? No opinions - this is just for informational purposes.)

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