Thursday, February 23, 2006

Terps on the Move: Francis traded, Dixon surges

First off, a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible Terps loss last night. Not much else to say on it...I'd just refer back to my previous post on this team. Barring a magical late-season run, I think this team is done.

Now, onto some news about a few former Terps from better days. First, extremely highly paid, malcontented tweener guard and one-year University of Maryland attendee Steve Francis yesterday got
shipped to the Knicks, where he will team with extremely highly paid, malcontented tweener guard and one-year Georgia Tech attendee Stephon Marbury. Not only do they play the same positions, they're the same guy!

The Knicks (a team I like) just loaded up on more salaries for yet another tweener player with loads of talent, a chip on his shoulder, and no history as a winner in the pros. Good job, Isiah Thomas. Or, shall I say, the Worst General Manager Ever.

This Mitch Lawrence column in the NY Daily News says it all - he makes the case that Isiah Thomas is out to rebuild every team in the league but the Knicks. And at this point, who can argue? Maybe the Bullets can sell the Knicks a bunch of their crap, too!

Can we tempt you, Isiah? I guess we could let him go for two first-rounders...

Meanwhile, Orlandoans seem
a little miffed by the direction of their team, but they're definitely happy to see Francis go. I can't feel too bad for them. They've got young buck Dwight Howard and lots of cap room to sign guys in the 2007 free agent class, which includes Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki, and some dude named LeBron James. In any case, here's hoping Francis turns things around in New York.

So, how about some good news from the Terps? How about hometown Terp hero Juan Dixon,
stepping up in Portland to help lead the Trailblazers? Was there ever any doubt he would catch on in the NBA -- who doesn't need a gutty guy who will give you instant offense off the bench? Steve Blake is also playing well and getting more minutes for Portland. Way to go, champs.

(Photo Credit: Bahram Mark Sobhani/Express-News)

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