Thursday, February 02, 2006

LeBron skipping dunk contest makes no sense

Thought I'd post a little something about some non-Super Bowl-related sports issue. So here's something frustrating: why is LeBron James once again skipping the slam dunk contest? Great. Another year of watching Josh Smith and Jason Richardson duke it out while Steve Francis clangs tomahawks off the back rim. I can't wait.

Actually, we don't even have THOSE names this year. Ladies and gentleman, your participants for the 2006 NBA Sprite Rising Stars Dunk Contest Presented by AOL!

I love the spin in which they call them "Rising Stars." They're just waving the white flag on ever getting a big name in there again, aren't they? I guess "Rising Stars Dunk Contest" had a nicer ring to it than "Rookies and Journeymen Dunk Contest."

But seriously, I don't understand why players feel the need to skip this. Here's what LeBron said about it (as told to ESPN):

"On the spur of the moment, I can do dunks during the game. I can't think of a dunk before I do it. I'll leave it up to the guys who don't play as many minutes as I do. Those guys can go out there and throw the ball between their legs and stuff."

Sorry guys. I'm just not that into fancy dunks and stuff.

Hey, I know stars play a lot of minutes, but come on, it's just a stupid dunk contest! Is it really THAT taxing? Throw the fans a bone, huh? Besides, look what the dunk contest did for
Vince Carter (not to mention Michael "Jumpman 23" Jordan, for whom his slam dunk contest silhouette has essentially become the de facto league logo)! Carter's 2000 performance was awesome, and what has he really done since? To an extent, he's still living off that, in my opinion. And it's not like LeBron's never been in or won a dunk contest before, so don't give me that "I can't do pre-planned dunks" stuff. Come on, LeBron - I love you man. Give me the goods!

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