Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February is Super Doldrum-y

Even though it doesn't really feel like winter around here - which is nice, if not more than a little creepy - February is easily the worst month of the year.

Come on, come on, do you call that trudging?

I don't care what anyone says about
Jan. 24 being the most depressing day of the year. To me, it's a tie between all the days in February. Here's why: there's this gray coldness to the days, the winter holidays are way in the past (although the debt is not), it's still dark when I leave work each evening, football season is over with March Madness still weeks away, and people are so hunkered down that you never see anyone, and when you do, you're all depressed and falling asleep by 8 p.m. because everyone's in hibernation mode.

And, of course, there is the fact that
I hate Valentine's Day.

Even though I'm married, I refuse to celebrate this holiday. Just because I'm in a relationship now means I become just another sap celebrating a holiday with
dubious origins and an exclusive message? Sorry, not this guy.

I'm also not celebrating because in my earlier years, during which I often didn't have a significant other, I got so tired of the condescending pats on the head that inevitably followed my telling any couple I didn't like Valentine's Day that I vowed to myself that I would never celebrate it regardless. Yes - just to spite them! And then there is sickening crap like
this. So you're telling me that all the singles, in order to make themselves feel better, are now being advised to send themselves flowers at the office and act all surprised? Now there's a good lesson for the kids - if you can't find some way to be happy with your life, just fake your way through it! Sending yourself a fake gift to impress others - man, that just sounds fulfulling.

Anyway, now my very understanding wife and I go out to dinner on February 15. No cards, no chocolate, no red and white crap, no teddy bear-shaped balloons, no footsy wootsies and feetsy weetsies and sweety pateeties and booty patooties.

Wow, your shirt even matches the flowers! I love you, Tyler - I just knew slapping you around with that bicycle chain would pay dividends!

So back to the February rant. Basically, in February, you're in the middle of the metaphorical tunnel with no end-light in sight. You can't remember a time when it wasn't dark and cold, and you can't see any changes on the horizon, except for piece-of-crap Valentine's Day. Well, here's hoping that disgustingly huge rat sees its shadow (or doesn't - whatever it is), and spring shows up soon. I can't take this doldrum-y feeling much longer.

P.S. Loved King Kong last night. I was telling my friend on the way out that Peter Jackson really gets how to use all these CGIs and special effects the right way. He uses them with heart, and actually uses them to enhance the characters, rather than usurp them. Good stuff.

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aba said...

But V-day is Scott A.'s birthday! For that you can now rejoice, like I do, that he was born! Well, maybe you still won't, but I will. But at least we have 1 reason to get together and drink, eat, and be merry!