Monday, February 27, 2006

Travis Garrison makes "shocking" statment

Well, after getting absolutely waxed by 24 at North Carolina in more or less a must-win situation, Terp forward/center Travis Garrison predicted the Maryland Terrapin basketball team is primed to "shock a lot of people" over the last couple weeks of the season, presumably by winning a bunch of games and making the Big Dance. And you know what? I really buy into that, Travis. It's clear you've just been biding your time. Like when you couldn't guard Tyler Hansbrough (or Shelden Williams, or Al Thornton, or anyone else from a major school) and lost your starting job to underclassmen? Just rocking them to sleep, baby. Just preparing to SHOCK THE WORLD!!

Because why do your job every game, build up some wins, and be a tournament lock in January? That would be too boring. So you thought you'd spice it up, huh? So all those airballs, all those turnovers, all that mushy defense, all those moments of cowardice over the season (ALL your seasons, in fact) that was all meaningless - just a warm-up. Just priming the pump. All in the past, right, Travis? Now is the time when you're firing on all cylinders, ready to make that stretch run, and SHOCK THE WORLD? Have they awoken a sleeping giant, Travis? Oh, man. I'm on the edge of my fucking seat.

I can't wait to see how Travis plays against Miami. He's going to be like a man possessed. Because there's no way he isn't going to back up all this big talk. Right, Travis? Right? There's no way you'd be weak or stupid enough to spout false bravado about shocking the world and not giving up while in the comfort of your own locker room, only to wilt like a hothouse flower the second some guy backs you over in the lane, shaking your head at teammates and hanging your face low like your mama just sent you to your bedroom. Right?

So let's go out there and get to shocking! Final push into the tournament! You take the lead Travis! Walk it like you talk it! I'm waiting.



Town E. Dispatch said...

ugh. that game was a killer. i get very psyched when the terps are on tv here in wv. well, i was happy all day, just waiting for the time i could order a pizza, roll a blunt, and watch some terp action.

well, that was fun for about two minutes (the pizza was great - sicilian!). i thought we gave up on that game with about ten minutes left in the first half. we played TENACIOUS defense for a five minute stretch, just shutting them down. that's when we make a run? right? wrong. after they couldn't dig themselves out of that hole on that stretch their heads were hanging the rest of the way.

travis is right. we're gonna shock the world. i just hope i'm in comcast next year when we hoist our NIT banner.

Gary Aiken said...


I just happen to have two tickets to the Miami game. Want to go? Last time you were at Comcast I believe Garrison had a career night!


MSH said...

Town - Congrats on the quality of your pizza. At least something saved your Sunday. Nice win for WVU last night as well.

Gary - are you saying I actually have the chance to attend this game, at which Travis Garrison will surely go for 30 and 20, per his "shocking" prediction? How can I pass up the opportunity to attend what will surely be the game of his life -- and mine?