Thursday, February 09, 2006

Barack Obama, Rock Star

It's been quite a week for Barack Obama, that sexiest of senators from Illinois. He's the dreamiest Democrat around...I mean, his plainspoken demeanor, his touch with the common man, his courage in policymaking...well, I'm just swooning. I need to step away from the keyboard. Get some air.

That's better. So first, the week began with Obama starting and then
squashing his beef with Arizona's John McCain, the rock star senator to end all rock star senators - the Bono to Obama's Green Day, if I may. And this is good, because that beef threatened to destroy us all. Don't kid yourself. Not since 50 and Game has a beef-squashing meant so much to so many.

But that was not enough for Barack Obama. Believe you me. He wasn't gonna stop until he literally became THE rock star on the Senate floor. And last night, he did just that when he went out and got himself
a rock star award. That's right - Obama took home the Grammy statuette last night for his spoken word album, "Dreams From My Father". Congratulations, Barack.

Jealous, John? The roof, the roof, the roof is on FI-YAH!!!

So now all I have to say is, where are all the haters at? Where are all your Senate heroes? Senator Conrad Burns - do YOU have a Grammy Award? No, no I do not believe that you do. Show me the Grammy Award of Senator Mark Dayton! Oh, you cannot, for he does not have one? Oh, yes, I knew that. Even the great McCain himself cannot boast a Grammy Award - although, who could forget his rousing medley of Barbra Streisand favorites on "Saturday Night Live?" Sadly, however, no Grammy was forthcoming.

So hats off to Barack Obama, because it's official. He has become THE rock star senator.

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