Friday, February 10, 2006

I can't believe Gilbert Arenas didn't make the All-Star Team

It makes no sense that Gilbert got snubbed. Actually, this is beyond a snub. I'm glad he says he's using it as motivation, but still. It sucks. I mean, I know the East is stacked with guards, but are you seriously telling me Gilbert isn't better than Richard Hamilton, or Chris Bosh, or pitiful, mail-it-in, cottony soft, prima donna Vince Carter? (Scroll down to the New Jersey Nets part of this story and read all about VC, then tell me with a straight face that he deserves any of the accolades or money he receives on a regular basis. I dare you. I hate that guy.)

No way. Scoring-wise, Gilbert is actually better than all but three other players in the league. He's
fourth in the league in scoring. I repeat - HE'S FOURTH IN THE LEAGUE IN SCORING!! And Chris Bosh is better? Maybe if it was the Players Who Look Like Their Team Mascot Game, he'd be in.

Congratulations, Chris Bosh! You're the MVP of the 2006 Dudes
Who Look Like Their Team Mascot Game! What are you going to do next?

Otherwise, I don't see any justification for taking him over Gilbert. I know Gilbert's team isn't great, but that's not his fault. If it wasn't for Gilbert, the Wizards would be in the toilet. And what about Bosh's freaking God-awful Raptors? Arenas deserves to be there. If the fans can't vote correctly, they shouldn't be allowed to vote.

(P.S. He made the all-star team Friday as an injury replacement. Huzzah!)


ombudsman said...

Arenas was just announced as David Stern's selection to replace Jermaine O'Neill. I hope Arenas still figures out a way to play the respect card the rest of the season.

MSH said...

I saw this Friday evening. Huzzah! Our long national nightmare is over.

Town E. Dispatch said...


I think it's safe to say Arenas made the all star team because of media pressure. Media pressure that started right here at "No One Appreciates Me...". The power of the press is gettin' shit done!

MSH said...

Hey, I'm no hero. I just put the hard-hat on and go to work. Yep, just blogging for the common man, and the interests he cares about, like getting Gilbert on the All-Star Team. And it's days like this that make working for you people all worthwhile. Aaron, an autographed headshot of me is on its way to your house right now, with my compliments.