Friday, February 17, 2006

The bass player from The Who killed a baby?

Oh my God! I can't believe bass player from The Who John Entwistle killed his wife and baby! Oh, the humanity! Maybe I would have expected this out of Pete Townshend, but not John Entwhistle! He was the glue that held that whole operation together! They called him The Ox! Because he was their rock! The Ox was The Rock of The Who!

Wait...what's that you say? The Who bass player John Entwistle
is dead? Oh no! What a horrible turn! I can't take this! When will this rash of bad news end? Why did my Friday have to get off to such a lousy start? I can't believe The Ox is gone! No wonder he hasn't been returning my letters.

But if that is the case, then who committed these horrible crimes? Some bloke named
Neil Entwistle? And he has pleaded not guilty? Well, this is all just horrible.

But while we're here, what's the deal with the last name Entwistle? Neil and The Ox do not seem to be related. Is Entwistle like the Smith of the U.K.? Where's that Entwistle chap got off to? Oh, you mean Nigel Entwistle? No, I speak of James Entwistle, of Kent. Not James Entwistle of Birmingham, or young Jimmy Entwistle of Canterbury? No, you fool, how many Entwistles you know what can work these bellows? Twenty-four, sir.

Regardless, I'm just happy that bass player of The Who John Entwistle is not involved. I take comfort in that. Crazy Entwistles...the whole lot of them, I say, daft as loons!

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