Monday, February 13, 2006

Insert snappy winter headline here

Call it The Weekend White-Out. Call it A Taste of Winter. Call it the February Blizzard Bombing of Aught and Six. I'm still too cold to come up with anything punchy right now, as I just finished trudging through the approximately 14 inches of snow that fell in my northern suburb as part of the snow storm that blanketed the Washington area early Sunday morning and set snowfall records across the Eastern Seaboard.

The snow was a record for New York, but Boston wanted in on the action, too. I saw a Today show report from Boston's Sean (pronounced "SEEN," thank you very much) McLaughlin, who said it was a record-breaking snowfall for them, too, right before pointing out it was the eleventh-biggest snow total ever for the area. Now, I may not be a fancy-schmancy television journalist there, Seen, but in order for something to be described as record-breaking, doesn't it have to, you know, break a record? But hey, that's just one man's opinion. Seen, you will always be my favorite wacky New England meterologist. And by "favorite," I mean "eleventh favorite."

Now, we just have to hold on for the melt. This morning, sore from an hours-long Sunday shovel-thon, I trudged to work in frigid temperatures, only to find out that a long stretch of sidewalk between my house and the subway station was not cleared. There was only a thin trench of footprints created the night before, with the melted snow in the bottom of each footprint having frozen solid. That left me with three choices: walk directly on the ice, walk directly in the snow, or walk directly in the traffic. I went with the ice.

Of course, this is all God's way of getting us all in the mood for the Winter Olympics. I can think of no other reason for this snowfall. And like not many others, I am watching a lot of it. Shaun (pronounced "Shawn," like a normal person, please take note, Seen McLaughlin) White got his first gold, and that was sweet. That guy is on a whole other level. He's definitely taken the mantle from Tony Hawk as The Michael Jordan of Extreme Sports. It was also rather disappointing to see Michelle Kwan leave the games. Especially so given a new revelation I had about her: She's Hot! Truly, her loss is everyone's.


Gary Aiken said...

Hot? Michelle Kwan? Give me a break. You want hot?! Check out the women's downhill skiiers.. esp. Kari Traa. The Americans are also quite stunning.

MSH said...

Gary, I love your ornery comments. Kari Traa? What? Is that even a name? I'll give YOU a name, buddy. And that name is as follows: how about Michelle Kwan???