Friday, June 02, 2006

Welcome back to "That's Not A Word!"

Hello, hello, and welcome back to That's Not A Word! Today's winner is environmental activist organization Greenpeace. During a recent presidential speech, you circulated a memo containing anti-nuclear energy talking points. One of the bullet points on the memo was:

"In the twenty years since the Chernobyl tragedy, the world's worst nuclear accident, there have been nearly [FILL IN ALARMIST AND ARMAGEDDONIST FACTOID HERE]."

We went to the dictionaries. Then we smoked some bong hits. Then we looked in the dictionary again, because we forgot what we had looked up the first time. And congratulations, Greenpeace! "Armageddonist" is not a word!

Hey! Stop Wailing! Why doesn't anyone take us seriously?

And because environmentalists insist on wondering why, oh why, they are stigmatized the world over, as they make up words and forget to complete their talking points and such, Greenpeace, your prize will be six months of formulating complete sets of talking points for the oil industry!

Congratulations, Greenpeace. And we'll see YOU next time on "That's Not A Word!"


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I.P. Daily said...

Quite an apporpriate June 6, 2006 post Mr. Harris. Excellent blogging - from one blogger to another.