Monday, February 26, 2007

The book I'm reading is getting boring

Who knew that "A Short History of the World" would be dull? Oh, everyone but me? Okay, sweet. Well why didn't anyone tell me? Hey, the government of the Byzantine empire vis a vis its ability to shield burgeoning European theocratic thought from encroaching Arabic influence is all well and good, and I'm learning a lot. But if I keep falling asleep in mid-page on the Metro like this, I'm going to wake up next to that homeless guy who sings the hymns really loud and then bugs people about abortion. I don't want to be that guy.

I guess I thought the word "short" would mean there would be minimal dwelling. Cavemen...Mesopotamia...the Pyramids...the Greeks...the Romans...the Chinese...Jesus...Arabs...Christianity...Vikings...Europe...America. Aaand we're done. But no. So I'm a little mired. And I have a hard time setting one book down to start another. But I'm stuck. I think I have little choice. Oh well.

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