Thursday, February 15, 2007

Terps are unstoppable, what!

Yes, indeed. After getting off the Valentine's Day schneid last night with a win over N.C. State 85-70, the Terps are on a streak! A two-game streak! Raise the banner and retire the jerseys. I want to capture this moment forever.

The one noteworthy point about the game was how easy it was for the Terps to just hunker down and outlast the Wolfpack, who are true bottom feeders this year. Of course, with UNC looming, the toughest tests are still in front of them, and their place in the tournament is very shaky, at the absolute best. I thought it was very telling when Gary Williams, after being asked about the "streak," said "don't talk about it, we'll get nervous." Obviously more joking than anything else, but there's a lot of truth in that. If only we could brainwash the team into always thinking they had just lost their fifth straight and were officially under the radar again, we'd be all set.

Terps Finally Make it Two [Washington Post]
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