Sunday, February 04, 2007

Peyton Manning: A Rainbow of Emotions, II

Congrats to Peyton Manning on his huge Super Bowl win. Did he earn it? He sure did. Did he take his place in history as one of the greatest what nots to ever play the so forth? He sure did. Do I doubt his absolute dominance over myself and all other warm- and cold-blooded creatures who walk Planet Earth now and forever. Not for a second. But now, the question becomes, where does he rank among the other great quarterback champions of his time? This is what we, as regular people, must ask ourselves to pass the time. So as my own means of addressing that question, I present Peyton Manning: A Rainbow of Emotions, Part II (part I here). This time, it's with other dudes.

John Elway

Brett Favre

Tom Brady

Kurt Warner

Peyton Manning

That's right. Deep breaths, Peyton. Don't get too excited. Even though you don't get many chances like this. So until your next commercial, we'll be wishing you a great time doing whatever it is you do when you are not watching game film. Assuming such time exists. Good night now, and best wishes.

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thedymond said...

I think Peyton and fellow football robot Marvin Harrison were in a heated competition to see who could show the least amount of emotion. Pretty sure Marvin won.