Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When I think sports, I think Panic! At The Disco

who, apparently, are going to be in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Come on, though. I've got nothing but love for a sports magazine that features a B-grade rock band in its swimsuit issue. After all, haven't you people ever heard off...cross marketing? Yeah...zing, Panic! At The Disco! Bow down. I'm too lazy to do the research, but dollars to donuts Panic! is signed to some label that is owned by the same company that owns SI. Call me crazy.

Apparently, this year's theme is music people. And of course, that is completely in keeping with the central theme of SI. How? Are you really asking? That sounds like hater talk to me. Don't hate, logical person. Appreciate.

Speaking of appreciating, though, Beyonce's on the cover. I heard her husband is involved in sports somehow.

Beyonce Graces 2007 Swimsuit Cover [Washington Post]

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