Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Terps broom it up on Duke, Dickie hams it up on radio feed

Great, great win for Maryland last night to sweep Duke in the regular season. As SportsCenter anchor and Maryland alum Scott Van Pelt said on this morning's show, "Duke has famously said Maryland is not their rivals. So Maryland will just have to settle for being Duke's nemesis." I heard that, girlfriend!

Speaking of hearing things, I heard that the first six minutes and last three minutes of the game were quite compelling. And I emphasize "heard." As Maryland secured their victory, ESPN's video feed went kaput. Then the audio got spotty. Luckily, Mike Patrick knows Morse code, so we were able to follow the game that way. Thanks, ESPN. Also, the first several minutes were not shown as UConn and Villanova, both mired in down years, limped toward the conclusion of their own game. Of course, ESPN brought us every clock stoppage and missed free throw with crystalline clarity as meanwhile Maryland-Duke jumped out of the gate like...I don't know, some horse that's really fast out of the gate.

Welcome -- ssssssssss -- to this --- sssssss --- ES-P-sssssss
-- telecast -- ssssssssssss -- over.

Here's a thought, ESPN. Historically, you have been one of the priciest channels for cable providers to carry. That cost, of course, is passed along to the consumer, meaning ESPN raises cable bills. Where is all that extra money going? Apparently, not toward the equipment necessary to actually broadcast meaningful games in a reliable way. Maybe consider revisiting that.

A couple of other thoughts on the game:

-- As
Pat Summitt did that cheerleader routine at the Tennessee-Florida game the other day, I was reminded of something. Although I couldn't put my finger on it at the time. Then last night, it came to me:

I know I'm not breaking new ground here, but Dick Vitale is such a Duke-licker it's insufferable. He has always been a Duke-ACC homer, but it's getting worse. When Maryland freshman Greivis Vasquez (13 points, 12 assists, 9 rebounds) got a bucket, he'd say something like "Nice player, all the way from Venezuela, he's got a big heart." And when Duke freshman John Scheyer (10 points, 1 assist, 5 rebounds) hit a three, the reaction was "OHHHHH! OHHHHH! What a shot by the Diaper Dandy, he's gonna be such a special, special player for the Blue Devils, nothin but nylon, they're goin crazy, what an environment here at Cameron, his parents must be so proud..." It's like he actively wants people to notice he's no longer a serious broadcaster. Great job, Dick.

If you share these sentiments and wish to bring down this rampaging irritation monster before he can inflict more harm, you may want to check out this petition from the fine, fine folks at Clearly, he must be stopped by any means necessary.

-- Maryland now has a better overall record (23-7), conference record (9-6), and head-to-head record (2-0) this season than Duke (22-8, 8-7, 0-2, respectively). And yet, Duke is ranked 14th in
the current ESPN/coaches poll, while Maryland is unranked. Can someone please explain this to me? I must be stupid. Meanwhile, hats off to Duke, the Notre Dame of college basketball.

-- This Maryland turnaround is reaching tremendous proportions. I don't think anyone predicted this just a month ago, when they seemed entirely rudderless. Vasquez, Jones, Gist, Strawberry, Ibekwe, Osby, Hayes...EVERYONE is playing well right now, in ALL phases. This is shaping up to be a VERY interesting late season, which may be deserving of lots of words typed out ENTIRELY in CAPITAL LETTERS. As March blossoms, this blog will become very basketball heavy. Best time of the year, baby.

-- On an unrelated note, Jarvis Hayes sucks. He sucks. He went 4-14 last night, including two consecutive air balls down the stretch. And shooting is his only job. I don't care if the Bullets can't get a half-empty can of Schlitz for him on the trade market. He's dead wood. Get him outta there.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog, great Terps stuff, keep it up. Did you hear how about a female terp fan who ran onto the court after the game waving a MD flag, was approached by a male Duke fan trying to take the flag, who she then popped in the face? Great stuff!


Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious that this years Terps team is nowhere near as talented as in the past. In fact, I'd say that the overwhelming reason behind they're winning streak had little to do with playing well or solid coaching.

It was the MONTAGE. It inspired them to great things. I think that "No One Appreciates Me" needs more credit in their big turnaround. Gary Williams? Sure, he's done a decent job. He's just no Scott Harris.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to truthaboutduke. im a terp in dc too (and the only person who runs the site)

thanks! go terps! f dook!