Monday, June 05, 2006

48 hours of "Benson"? Somebody pinch me!

Well, it finally happened over the weekend. TV Land finally added the television show "Benson" to its lineup. And to formally re-initiate us back into the "Benson" era, the cable channel kicked it off with a 48-hour "Benson" marathon this past weekend. That's two full days of "Benson."

I mean, can you believe it? How could the weekend get any better? Answer: it couldn't. My neighbor across the street tried his hardest to get me to leave my house after the Brinks truck, the beer truck, and that bus carrying the high school girls' volleyball team got in a three-way crash on my front lawn. But you know what I said to my neighbor? I said, quit callin me. 48 hours of "Benson," man! Hollaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Yes! It's the whole "Benson" gang. Hey, gang! Can you hear me?

Come on. When Robert Guillaume does his thing, and the other actors do their various things, there's just no stoppin it, with the things and so forth. And maybe I'm a little pastier for the wear, and maybe my eyes are a little glazed, but to this guy, it's all worth it. But you know what the best part about it is? I can finally stop sending my weekly five-page letter to TV Land begging them to include "Benson." Finally, my letters - and my prayers, my fervent, tearful prayers - have been answered. And I couldn't be more thankful.


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