Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm ready, Lord, for the flood!

That is Bible talk for "the mid-Atlantic region is undergoing several days of heavy precipitation interspersed with periods of lightning and flash flooding." That, of course, is meterological talk for "SHIT, muthafucka! DC is WET!"

There have been fires, shuttered roads and buildings, derailed commutes, widespread power outages, and many difficult rescues, but thankfully - so far - no reported fatalities or major injuries. But there's more on the way. Damn you, low-pressure trough, or whatever it is!

Anyone remember The Bridge to Terebithia? That was a sad book.

The worst part thus far, then, has been the marked decline in personal grooming. This hasn't been the kind of "clean the air" rain that makes the atmosphere feel all fresh and renewed. It just made everything more humid. Combine that with the power outages, and it's Night of the Living Dead out there. Women walk listlessly through the waterlogged streets, hair pulled back in frizzy ponytails. Some seem to be wearing gym clothes to work. Makeup seems optional. Gaaaah. And this is just the half of the human race to which I am physically attracted.

Hello, fourth of July tourists. Welcome to Washington!

Washington Post

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(Bridge Photo Credit: By William E. Mccormick For The Washington Post)

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