Monday, June 05, 2006

Tom Green spotted alive, learning respect for sea

So, what has Tom Green been up to lately? Well, a lot, apparently.

Not too long ago, he broke some ribs on a fishing trip and had to drive himself to the hospital. Can you see him doing that? My ribs are on the floor! Ribs are on the floor! Goodness me, there is bleeding on the floor.

And now, the former MTV talk show host has another talk show ready to kick off. Can you guess where it is airing? Go ahead, guess. CBS? Nooooo. Spike TV? Try again.

Years later, still an astounding display of marry-upsmanship

Give up? Yeah, this was a tough one. The answer is, The Internet. Can you believe it? Talk about a curveball!

Anyway, it's an uncensored talk show on the Internet. I wonder if he'll stick his face in poo. Of course, Fear Factor and a bunch of other places kind of co-opted that bit of shock TV from him. But I'm sure he'll still be entertaining nonetheless. After all, he was once married to Drew Barrymore and still lives in the Hollywood Hills. And that is in no way depressing.


St. Louis Post Dispatch

Some celeb site with
fishing story


I.P. Daily said...

He's on the internet you say? Only a fool would leverage that medium! Seriously, I think you'll see a lot of TV shows going to the desktop in the not so distant future. CBS already allows you to create your own nightly news broadcast.

frisbeebk said...

Then all of the isp's are going to start crying louder about how they need $ to support the increasing bandwidth needs of the internet.

MSH said...

But that all ignores the larger point - how in the hell does Tom Green still have a house in the Hollywood Hills?