Friday, June 02, 2006

"I can't talk now, but I answered my cellphone anyway for some reason"

"Hello? Who's calling, please? Look, I don't know why we're talking right now. I'm in the middle of something very, very important -- it's a closed-door meeting, actually -- and I just can't be talking on my cellphone right now. Look, why don't you call me back. Just call me some other time, and hopefully at that time it will be more convenient a time for me to speak with you. I would tell you a specific time at which to call back, but I just don't live my life like that. I have many closed door meetings, some of which spring up at a moment's notice. Mid-year conventions don't post-mortemize themselves now, do they? Now you surely understand why I can't talk right now. So why do you nevertheless insist on talking to me?

"But as I was saying. Yes, I can't talk to you right now. Call back another time.

"What? What's that? Voice mail? Never heard of it. Good day now."

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