Thursday, June 01, 2006

Beltway sniper case proves that killing sprees may be, you know, a little dicey

Word arrived today that the Washington sniper - who randomly executed from long range like 12 people all around the Washington, D.C. area and other places over a four-week reign of terror about four years ago - just got six consecutive life sentences in Montgomery County Maryland (my home county). This is on top of the death sentence he got in Virginia. So what message, exactly, are the juries sending to John Allen Muhammad? What are they trying to tell him? I hate these mixed messages.

So I guess now, they're going to kill him, then walk him around like in Weekend at Bernie's, then shoot him, then walk him around some more like in Weekend at Bernie's II, then disembowel him, then send him through a meat grinder, purify him into a fine paste, feed him to some dogs, shoot the dogs, cremate their ashes, then sprinkle the ashes over the shark infested waters of Cape Horn, South Africa?

Who knew that random, wanton killings with a high-powered rifle could go so wrong for a person? I just have to shake my head incredulously sometimes.

Now, about this separate trial. This Montgomery County trial - the one that happened AFTER the trial that sentenced him to death - was just what the doctor ordered. For healing. And grandstanding. And I couldn't be prouder of my home county right now. If you need to stop collecting my trash for a few months in order to recoup the taxpayer money you spent, then I'm all for it. Huzzah Montgomery County! Huzzah! Excuse me - I've got something in my eye.


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