Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ann Coulter political cartoon - I have nothing to add

Except that when, as a conservative, Bill O'Reilly implies that you've crossed a line, then you have crossed a thick, yawning, very difficult-to-cross kind of a line. Without further ado:

- Fox News
Bill O'Reilly column on Coulter
- Washington Post
Howard Kurtz column on the controversy and media's handling of same

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(Political cartoon credit: Jack Ohman)


I.P. Daily said...

Funny - I never heard of Ann Coulter until after 9/11. One might say that she, too, profited from tragedy. Fortunately no one in their right mind takes her seriously. Unfortunately, people who are out of their mind make up the majority of our voting electorate.

MSH said...

To me, the highlight of the Coulter era were the columns that USA Today asked her to file from the 2004 Democratic convention. They never ended up running them because they had "basic weaknesses in clarity and readability that we found unacceptable," according to USA Today's editorial page editor. And this is a well-respected pundit? A woman whose writing has basic weaknesses in clarity? Classic.