Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I have good non-car-insurance-related news

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday not to limit the scope of the Clean Water Act. While the ruling "muddies the waters" - that's a pun that I use when I mean it makes the law unclear, but is also a play on the fact that the law deals with waterways and such, did you get that? - it seems to be a good sign that no new specific limits were put on the government's ability to enforce the act, which attempts to protect wetlands and other similar property.

In perhaps the most shocking turn of events of all, the vote went along party lines - the conservatives wanted to really rein in the law, the liberals wanted the law to remain as a viable protection tool - with justice Anthony Kennedy providing the swing vote, in favor of the liberal side this time. It's funny how what everyone predicted - that Kennedy would basically be the guy who decided every case because he's the only moderate on the whole court, and the lefties and righties would all vote predictably - has come true.

Although, I don't see any good reasons why the environment remains a partisan issue. Why is it not yet commonly accepted that we all have to protect our home planet? Anti-environmental conservatives are entitled to their property rights and pro-business stances, but how does, you know, the planet being destroyed not trump that? What, do they live on a different planet than we do or something? Wait. Don't answer that.

Washington Post

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