Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush: Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliament!

Bush's speech last night acknowledged some mistakes. He took a wrong exit, okay? So what's the solution? Floor it!

And I say, word up, cuz. So what if
the public doesn't support you? They're not the boss of you! Right? So you show them who's boss! Who's The Decider? Louder now. Louder! Abizaid! I can't hear you in the back!

We're almost there, kids! I can feel it.
So shut the hell up!

And so what if the Democrats are
setting you up on a tee? You've escaped their evil clutches before (besides, they have girly grips). And after all, they don't know about your secret contingency plan -- reading their mail. So fair warning, Nancy and John and Steny and Ike and all you others. If your cable bill should unfortunately not turn up this month, leading to an unfortunate service interruption, don't come crying to The Decider. Savvy?

So there you have it. Support the troops, watch out for your mail. It's a two-pronged plan. Now if you will excuse me, I seem to be stuck in quicksand. I'll just be a moment as I pull my legs and arms out with my face. Later, hoss.

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