Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ford funeral paying HUGE dividends

First and foremost, let me take this opportunity to welcome myself back to my blog. You want to know something? You know what? I kind of missed my little corner of the Internet. I mean, the corner may be shrinking a little now because there are just so many more voices out there. How many blogs are there now anyway? It’s got to be like two or three hundred. Amazing.

Anyway, here's hoping people are making the best of this first-day-back day. After an outstanding Christmas and New Year's, it's tough to get it going today - it's personally probably my least favorite day on the Gregorian calendar. But this year, I got a little gift that's making this day a little more tolerable. Because you see, I don't have to work today. All thanks to a certain former president who passed out of this life at just the right time. For me. So you know what I say? I say huzzah for you, Gerald Ford. Huzzah.

If you live or work in the District of Columbia, you know that on the day of a presidential funeral, many offices close as a day of mourning or (more often than not) simply because the many road closings for the procession make the day almost impossibly difficult to navigate for a lot of commuters. So there you have it. Now of course, I'm sad that Gerald Ford died, and I actually think he was a solid president. My thoughts and condolences, etc., are with his family (and I know that means a lot to them). But as the nation gives him the grand send-off he so richly deserves for attaining a status only attained by 42 other men in the history of the world, why not give some people the day off for it? I know it has increased my fondess for him. Maybe I'll watch The Price is Right in his honor. Mr. President, this slice of cold pizza and this next game of Plinko is for you.

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