Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Redskins strategery: Where have I heard this before?

So the Skins are once again attempting to pick up the pieces after another of the failed seasons which have become all too common in the past decade. And everyone knows that the biggest move they need to make is to get a real general manager. Everyone, that is, except for, you know, the team decision makers.

But anyway, there's one thing the Redskins Gibbs-Cerrato-Snyder braintrust knows how to do. Throw out a bunch of platitudes, talk out of both sides of your mouth, then stay the wrong course, throw money at your problems, and take the people who pay your salaries for granted.

Hmmm...sounds familiar. Wait, now I get it. It's the George W. Bush style of leadership! In a recent interview, Gibbs said he was going to talk to Snyder about the team's future, and was "willing to talk about anything." So, will you talk about hiring a real general manager, or maybe changing your approach to team-building?

Of course not! In the very same interview, Gibbs said it would be "incorrect" to expect changes in those things. So which is it, coach? Are you really going to examine everything, or are these just empty platitudes to keep the fans hopeful?

Well, here's one decidedly non-hopeful fan. And until they get a GM, they're not getting any of my money. For tickets, gear, or anything else. I know, I know, I'm just a peon. But still. Sorry for the "serious" post...I just needed to purge. So here goes. RedskinsBLAAAAAGGGGH! YAAAAAAARGH! RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUUUUUUUCH BLLLLUUUUUURRRRRRAAAAAAAACCCCCCCGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

(P.S., this story in the Post says everything just about perfectly. At least the Redskins' problems are an open secret to everyone else. Doesn't that kind of qualify them as a laughing stock? Anyway, it's part of the Post's loooong series on the Redskins and their problems called "The Lost Season." That's the risk of failing in Washington -- we will Watergate your ass with a five-part expose. Suck on that, jerks.)

Redskins Biggest Need? How About A General Manager [Associated Press]
- Problems at the Core [Washington Post]

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ombudsman said...

Jason LaCanfora is the shit. I hope the post can hold on to him.

MSH said...

Totally. He pulls no punches. We've lost our last like 4 Skins beat writers, though, so I'm not optimistic.