Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh my gosh - I can't believe I won a Golden Globe!

What. Me? I won? Noooo. For real? I won!?!?!?! Oh my gooooosssssshhh! Oh! My! Gosh! I am just stunned right now. I can't believe I won! This is just such a shock. Oh my gosh. I am so stunned.

I am just in awe of the other nominees. I mean, total awe. I watch Grey's Anatomy, like, every week, so just to be nominated with Ellen Pompeo is like a dream, just an absolute dream, not to mention all the other nominees, who are all so talented. Scarily talented. Freakishly talented.

I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press, of course, who have always been so kind to me throughout my career. Oh my gosh, I just assumed I wasn't going to win, so I didn't make a speech, oh my gosh, so I'm sooooo sorry if I forget anyone. I want to thank my other brilliant cast members, I love you guys, hey, we did it! I want to thank my director Larry Bilgewater, who is just so enormously gifted behind the camera, smooches, Larry, you are like a God! Without him I wouldn't look nearly as good as I do. I mean acting wise. I am gorgeous and will alway be so I didn't mean like my actual looks. Oh my gosh, I want to thank the writing team I never talk to, you nerds are geniuses. To my lawyer Ira Silverstein, my agent Hyman Goldberg, and the president of our network, Mr. Arthur Candlestone III, who was behind us from day one, and I mean day one, thank you SO MUCH.

What else, what else, oh yes. Ernest Hemingway once wrote (or at least, I understand from an annotated quote book that he once wrote) that "the world is a fine place, and worth fighting for." And that is so true. But you know what's even more truer? That we, the people in this room, are all fighters. Each and every one of us. We are fighters, like, for the whole world. We go out there and change the world one episode at a time. We have been called upon by a higher power to be beacons of light to regular people, and we should never, ever forget that.

[Wild Applause]

Yes. Oh, the music is coming on, I've gone on too long, sorry, guys, but thank you, thank you all, thank you SO MUCH! Oh, my husband! Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to thank my beautiful, darling husband Chad, thank you so much for your support and for not being jealous, you're going to find work again in this town I swear it! Thanks to Bill, Jerry, Jason, Susie, Angela, my publicist Rena, my personal assistant Chloe, my stylist Lance, my chef Jacques, um, Simon, um, Daniel, um, Barry, Jill, Dylan, Paris, Vicki, Vincent, Eric, Stanley, and to anyone else I forgot, this one's for you, oh my gosh, thank you thank you THANK YOOOOOUAIIYYYEEEE!!!

Dreamgirls, Babel Are Best [L.A. Times]

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