Friday, January 12, 2007

A Los Angeles soccer team with pretty boys on it? Now I've seen everything.

So megastar, icon, model, international brand, and occasional soccer player David Beckham finally decided it proper to hop his jumblies over the old pond and play a spot of football for the States, eh? Jolly good! Just one question: is he bringing that weirdo art video of him sleeping? I sure hope so. The weirder I can be made to feel about art, the better.

Blokes! Does me new tattoo match me wristband?

But overall, can you believe this? What are the odds David Beckham would wind up in L.A., playing with fellow
pretty boy (but bigger douche) Landon Donovan? And that his mammoth $250 million contract already includes endorsements? That's a little presumptuous, to assume David Beckham will do endorsements. I wonder if he'd plug the College Basketball Video Championship Series presented by Meow Mix. Here's hoping. In any case, David I look forward to screaming at you when you come to play United. Beware The Black Hole! Of soccer. You see, here we call "football" "soccer," David. I know, I know, Bob's yer uncle! And we call "American football" just "football." Still with me? And instead of saying "Becks" we say "David Beckham." You've got a lot to learn, my friend.

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