Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome back to That's Not A Word!

Thank you, thanks very much, and welcome to this episode of "That's Not A Word!" Let's get right to the game today, and welcome our very special contestant. Can you guess who he is? It might surprise you that today is his first time with us on TNAW -- none other than the president of these United States, Mr. George W. Bush.

Hey now. All my words are words. Savvy?

Mr. President, this morning you attended the funeral of former president Gerald Ford. After you had finished looking smug and bored throughout Tom Brokaw's address (a very surprising and uncharacteristic range of emotions for you, we must say), you came up and delivered a euology of your own. While the eulogy itself was actually pretty decent, you at one point noted that, after an assasination attempt, Ford refused to "curktail" his public appearances.

Mr. President, we went to the dictionary. We combed your executive orders to deduce whether you had unilaterally created a condition called "curktailing." And after this research, we have only one thing to day. And that is congratulations, Mr. President. That's Not A Word!

But now that you've won here on the TNAW stage, the real challenge is your prize. What to give to a man who has everything? Well, we combed the vaults, Mr. President, and we found something -- a copy of My Pet Goat on audiotape! Get literacy out of your life forever, Mr. President, with books on tape. You'll receive a new one in the mail each week! We signed you up for the club.

So please enjoy, Mr. President, and we'll see YOU next time on That's Not A Word!

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TheDymond said...

It's a perfectly cromulent word.