Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Office recap: "Traveling Salesmen"

Ahhhh, another money episode of The Office! Call this show butter, because it's on a roll, baby. Know what I'm saying? Dare I say, The Office is en fuego, which I believe is Portugese for "The Office is money."

This episode, titled "Traveling Salesmen," was good because it allowed some of the more out-there characters to come back to reality a little bit--yet another mark of this show's intelligence. As you may know, I was worried Dwight in particular was getting a little weird. So what does he do this week? He uses the weirdness to his advantage, nailing a sales call with Jim, and then after a misunderstanding with Michael (who also had a pretty "serious" episode), quitting(!) rather than embarrass Angela by revealing their relationship, as well as a work mistake she made. Se l'amor, no? Which I believe is Portugese for "fuckin awesome."

Dwight's misunderstanding with Michael was enabled by Andrew, the Stamford transfer who seems to be slowly wearing out his welcome but who in the meantime was intent on pushing Dwight out to get in better with Michael. Speaking of Stamford transfers, fellow Stamfordite Karen finally found out that Jim had a little thing for Pam. She apparently only just now found this out because she is deaf, blind, and stupid. Karen, I have a book recommendation for you, girlfriend. It's called
He's Just Not That Into You. You feel me now, girl? Yeah, I know you're fictional and all, but puh-leeze. What does Jim have to do, Karen? Wear a T-shirt to work that says "I don't like Karen?" Oh, wait, that wouldn't work. With the blindness and what have you. Sorry about that, I forgot. Good luck with your disability.

In any case, when Dwight returns in glory to smite his enemies (and this WILL be glorious), it'll be curtains for Andy, and Karen won't be far behind. Then next season, we'll be back to normal. A regular tabula rosa for hijinx. Which I think is Latin for "fertile ground for hijinx." Huzzah, I say. Huzzah.

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