Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maryland Whimpers to 0-2 ACC Start

Hey, nice job, Terps. I know it's still early, and there is plenty of season left, but come on. Losing at home to Miami? I thought that kind of thing was behind them. They looked hungry at the beginning of the season. But that was against University of Missouri-Kansas City. In this game, they looked, well, scared. And no disrespect to Miami, but they should have been a speed bump. Especially at home. But we always seem to fall victim to those scrappy, nothing-to-lose clubs. Like Miami. And oh, I don't know, Clemson. You know, that undefeated team Maryland plays this weekend? That oughta be fun.

Overall, the game was ugly with a capital UG. All the bigs were tentative (as evidenced by their being outrebounded 55-41, and it didn't feel that close), and there was a lid on the basket. But despite all that, I think the biggest disappointment was guard D.J. Strawberry. Strawberry can't seem to turn down an opportunity to talk about what a leader he is and how he will take them back to the tournament, but was completely invisible. Way to walk your talk, buddy.

Here's hoping they turn it around. They have to. Do you hear me? You HAVE to make the tourney this year. My sanity depends on it. Seriously.

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