Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bullets get bailed out by some wackiness

So the Bullets today played the Warriors at home. End of the game, Warriors up two thanks to Montae "I would be an outstanding role player on a contending team" Ellis. Three seconds left. Bullets ball. Gilbert gets it. He drives the lane, but gets the shot off after the buzzer. Ball game. Right?

But no. Refs blow the whistle WAAAAAAAY late. They call a shooting foul not only on the play that just happened, but also a technical on Warriors coach Don Nelson. To T up the coach in that situation smacks of something. (And keep in mind, I'm a Bullets fan.) What, exactly, did Nelson do to get a T in that scenario? Fuck the ref's wife? Insult his mother's cooking? It had to be beyond personal, and/or interfere with play. Since the latter didn't happen, I'll assume the former, I guess. But it was quite a leap for the average viewer, that's my point. I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying.

So long story short, the Bullets are down two and Gilbert has three free throws to make with 0.1 seconds left. Of course -- OF COURSE -- he bangs all three down like it's his job. Which it is. What? Whatever. But the point here is, the refs called not one but two fouls AFTER TIME HAD EXPIRED in order for the Bullets to win this game. I'm not saying I'm not grateful. Because I am. But still. That's some garbage. Sorry, Warriors. Get a real All-Star and maybe you would have won this one. Until then, see you in the lottery drawing.

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