Friday, March 30, 2007

Redskins eat own young

In a tragic display of instincts gone awry, the Washington Redskins this week again cannibalized their own young, jeopardizing the franchise's future for short-term sustenance.

In a springtime ritual that has become all too familiar in Washington, the Redskins
offered a top-ten and a sixth-round draft pick to the Bears for linebacker Lance Briggs and a lower first-round selection. At the same time, the Redskins have set up a meeting with blue-chip quarterback and likely number-one pick JaMarcus Russell, undoubtedly shaking the confidence of young quarterback Jason Campbell, who the Redskins drafted in 2005 after again sacrificing their own draft picks to move up in the draft and select him. This is to say nothing of linebacker Rocky McIntosh, last year's second-round draft pick who would presumably be supplanted by Briggs on the depth chart. The Redskins gave the New York Jets last year's second- and sixth-round picks, as well as this year's second-round pick, for the rights to move up 18 spaces in that draft to select McIntosh.

Another Redskins youngling cowers on the ground just before being devoured.

It is a behavior that is slowly becoming destiny for the Redskins, as year after year finds the team consuming its own future in draft picks and refusing to develop younger talent, opting instead for salary-cap-destroying free agents.

"We went 5-11 last year, so our goal is to win now," said Redskins owner and de facto general manager Daniel Snyder in a rare media interview. "Does this seem like a time to go back to the drawing board to you? I don't think so."

Unlike in the animal kingdom, where even the wildest of instincts are based upon the fundamental tenet of survival of the fittest, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the quagmire of mediocrity and inconsistency at Redskins park. Egotistical mercenary veterans run rampant, undercutting team cohesion, while
players who are told they are valuable are, like the team's young, often cannibalized.

Caught on tape for the first time: the Redskins prepare to
make another meal....of themselves.

"Why mess with a winning formula?" Snyder said. "When I finally win the Super Bowl, I -- or my security detail -- am going to come down from my sky box and slap each and every one of you with a wet rag, right across your insolent faces. Future, shmuture. I want to win NOW! NOW! NOW!"

"When does the next batch of hatchlings appear?" he continued. "Bring them before me NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! My formula is unstoppable. Whoops, sorry. I just accidentally took a bite of my own face there. Well, that's a feeding frenzy for you. But see the success? Why must the little people spew so much hate?

"I just don't get it."

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J-Red said...

I've been destroying the Redskins on our blog, East Coast Bias. The fans have given up and resorted to whimpering in their pillows and saying something incomprehensible about the Nats.