Sunday, March 04, 2007


There was a trying stretch there in the second half, but the Terps were able to overcome it with flying colors and beat N.C. State going away, 79-59. For the six seniors who were honored yesterday, it was a storybook finish.

Ladies and gentlemen....going into March....YOUR Maryland Terrapins...

I'm not sure what else there is to say that hasn't already been said. This team is just absolutely firing on all cylinders right now. I just hope they can keep it going.

Did you
see Mike Jones? All of a sudden, he is un-freaking-stoppable. Where was he last year? He can score on any defender in the country right now. When he is on. Seriously. I would defy you to name a defender who could handle him inside and out. I'm Jeopardy...okay. That's what I thought. So if he can keep that up, and they can get solid contributions from Strawberry, Vasquez and Gist, they will continue to be the runaway freight train that they currently are. Who's hotter right now in college basketball? Maybe Ohio State. Maybe Vanderbilt. And that's the list. It's a dicey list. Maybe some superfan will have a better answer (and let me know if I'm missing someone) but generally I think the Terps are on their own plain right now. I just hope they keep it up.

Seniors Cap Stretch Run With Rout [Washington Post]
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