Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Disney loves families, just not that kind of family

Okay, this will probably be my last non-basketball post until Maryland ends its tourney run, so I thought I'd try to make it at least somewhat interesting. There is a proposal to build 1,500 condos for low-to-middle-income people near the entrance to Disneyland. Many of the condos could be used as housing for the many Disneyland employees who can't afford to live in the immediate area and must commute long distances. Disneyland is suing to stop the project.

So long, sailor! You heard me! Stay the fuck out, hee hee hee!

A Disney official called it "a very dangerous precedent, because once you allow one residential development in, where does it stop? We will do all we can to protect the value of the resort area." Well, you know what? I agree. Because, you let these people into the neighborhood, and next thing you know, they're setting up a freakin bodega inside Cinderella's castle. People are sleeping inside the tea cups. There's little poor kids running around outside the front gate trying to sell the customers Chiclets or whatever. I mean, they'll be washing their clothes in the It's A Small World river. That's a little too small of a world if you ask me. Seriously. You give these people an inch, and they take a mile. Keeping them poor, displaced, and disgruntled is the best situation for everybody. Trust me.

Overall, it's just nice to see someone take a stand. So kudos, Disney. Kudos. You have a certain level of class to maintain. Am I right? So fire up the Dumbo Flier and let's get 'er done! I drove all the way out here from the Ozarks and the babies is getting restless!

- Disney not enchanted by plan to build condos by theme park [San Jose Mercury News]

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