Thursday, March 08, 2007

Geez, you'd think American Idol voters were a bunch of dumb 14-year-olds

Tough night last night on American Idol. It was the night they pared it down to the final 12. The final 12 are the ones who get the most exposure, go on the nationwide tour this summer, and basically have the best chance of getting famous as a result of the show. So it's big. And, well, it just didn't go right last night.

Haley got voted in over Sabrina, and Sanjaya got in over Sundance on the guys' side. Both of these upsets happened due to what is known as the "Simon was really mean to them, so all the seventh-grade girls voted for them to make them feel better" phenomenon. You may remember this from such pity cases as
John Stevens, Kevin Covais (who I liked, but still), and the insufferable Scott Savol.

Well, at least Antonella got voted off. Now she can finally get going with her career hosting bar crawls on the Jersey Shore with Jesse Palmer and Derrick from MTV's Road Rules. Gentlemen, start your engines! If you know what I mean! Clearly, Antonella can go in many different directions here. And by "many different directions," I mean "to the netherworld of college-girl quasi-porn." Should be great.

Ah, yes. A world of possibilities exists now for Antonella...
journalist...civil player...

So good-bye to her. And congratulations to everyone, blah blah blah. I can't wait to hear Sanjaya's barely audible Stevie Wonder covers and that other girl's whatever it is that she does, sing Taylor Dayne songs or whatever. Giddyup.

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TheDymond said...

Sanjaya is working the John Stevens-sexually non threatening angle. He is just plain awful.

fr1sb33bk said...

When will they create scratch and sniff magazines!