Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome Back to "That's Not A Word!"

Yes, yes, thank you very much. Thank you. Stop it! That's enough! Oh my goodness! Please, sit down! Ahhhh, yes.

Thank you so much for that warm welcome. And now I'd like to welcome YOU back to another episode of "That's Not A Word!" Today's contestant is none other than famous American Idol judge Diana Ross. She did some musical stuff, but it most likely happened before you were born, meaning it has no bearing today! So we'll just move on. Okay, terrific.

Very funny with the Elvira image here. Now post the real
Diana Ross photo, thanks.

Diana, on last night's episode, you told Idol finalist Gina Glocksen, who was singing a rendition of one of your old (and thus titularly unimportant) songs, to be sure and "pronunciate" each syllable. Perhaps just a slip of the tongue? Perhaps you simply meant "enunciate" and misspoke? But no. You repeated the phrase. "Pronunciate everything," you tell Gina, who, for her part, nods enthusiastically. So congratulations, Dirty Diana, THAT'S NOT A WORD!

Excellent, Diana, just excellent. You're our big winner! And what shall be your prize? As a way of helping you to clearly and properly "enunciate" each and every one of your own words as you go about your day-to-day business -- the lyrics of your life, if I may be so bold -- we've arranged for you to take auctioneering classes from the
Auctioneers Training Center! From farm and merchandise sales proceedings to developing and enhancing your own distinctive auctioneering chant, the Auctioneers Training Center has the tools and resources to make you the best enunciator you can be. So have fun, Diana, and best of luck. And we'll see YOU next time on "That's Not A Word!"

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Auctioneers Training Center
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