Thursday, March 08, 2007

Terps sustain a body blow going into tourney

Miami owns Maryland. That needs to be established right away. They beat us in one meeting two seasons ago, we split with them last season, and they beat us twice this year, ending the Terps ACC tourney run before it started.

It's hard to know what to make of the game. I should admit I wasn't able to watch it, which doesn't help with the making of things. But either way, Miami plays this ugly, take-the-air-out-of-the-ball style that gives Maryland fits. And the Terps fell into their classic trap -- they got cocky and put the cart before the horse. Right when everyone had just finished off a fresh batch of Kool-Aid, the team spits the bit again. In the Post earlier this morning, headstrong freshman Greivis Vasquez said the chance to get consecutive chances for
revenge against Miami and Boston College was "beautiful". So he was just blatantly looking past Miami. You know, the team they've beaten ONE TIME since they joined the ACC three seasons ago. Tellingly, later in the same article, BC forward and ACC player of the year Jared Dudley says "they could lose to Miami and then what are you going to say then?" Well, nothin, Jared. We shall say nothin. Because we already done said what we was gonna say. And it was stupid. I love Vasquez's spunk, but there's a fine line between gamesmanship and recklessness, confidence and cockiness, fiery and volatile, Coke and Pepsi, etc. and etc.

With all of that said, I don't think this completely kills Maryland's momentum. They still look strong going into the tournament. That is, IF they use this as an opportunity to regroup and come out re-dedicated. Here's hoping they don't get down on themselves. They can beat anybody and they know it. It's just a matter of going about it. This is the team that the phrase "one game at a time" was invented for. We got into the big tourney, and that's great. Now, let's just put a good game together in the first round and see what happens before we start talking Final Four. Goterps.

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