Sunday, March 25, 2007

In lieu of office pools, next year I'm going to directly flush my money down the commode

I really like that word. "Commode." Ah, savor the sophistication.

Outstanding game today between Georgetown and North Carolina, with the Hoyas prevailing in overtime. They just seemed to outlast the Tar Heels, getting every key rebound, making clutch free throws, and pulling out every big stop down the stretch.

It was tough to figure out who to root for there, as I actually do root for both of these teams when Maryland is not involved. But it was nice to see local hoops get into the Final Four. It'll make for a more interesting week around here, if nothing else. And it's always fun to pretend I'm a big fan of some program just because they're still alive. Fairweather fandom is really underrated.

So I'll keep rooting for them at this point, seeing as how my bracket is totally ruined because Kansas -- once again -- didn't come through. I don't even know why I picked them to win the whole thing. They do this every single year. They're always really balanced, they peak at the right time, and then they crap the bed in the tournament. It's the Jayhawk tradition. And speaking of crap, that's what I'm doing with the money I paid to enter two office pools this year. I'm just crapping money down the crapper. Like it's my job. Why do I enter these damn things? Why did I pick Wisconsin going to the elite eight? And now I have to listen to the resident office cocky guy crow about being in first place, when all he did was pick the chalk and ride it out like the no-imagination pencil neck that he is. Meanwhile, everyone knows I'm a college basketball junky, so I have to hear about being in 173rd place or whatever. Hey, I thought you were supposed to be good at this stuff! Office cocky guy said he didn't even pay any attention to his picks, he just wrote out the favorites! I heard the pot is like four thousand dollars this year!

Hey, sounds great. You know what, I'm going to go ahead and drink this ink cartridge now. Do you think that will be poisonous enough to kill me? If my office was on a higher floor, I'd just throw myself out of it. That'd be awesome. Hey, office cocky guy is on a floor that's probably high enough. Do you think he'd let me use his window? Yeah, probably not. So what was I talking about? Oh, right, go Hoyas, whatever, I don't care. And screw Kansas. Go back to eating wheat or whatever it is you people do. I heard Danny Manning was gay.

Something Extra [Washington Post]

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J-Red said...

Danny Manning WAS gay? Was he cured by one of those Christian recovery groups?