Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chris Sligh is totally going to clean up on hymns week

So it turns out that American Idol contestant Chris Sligh is a fundamentalist Christian. He even attended Bob Jones University -- you know, the school that outlawed black students until 1971, banned interracial dating until 2000, and requires students to "wear socks at all times." What about when I'm in the shower? Riddle me that, Bob.

The Lord is my homeboy. Word up.

So the point is, I guess I was wrong about
Chris being "the party guy" in the college dorm. It turns out he's the acoustic-guitar-strumming proselytizing guy. Hey, man, what are you up to this weekend? Some of my friends and I are getting together for pizza and a psalm-athon. Everyone is welcome, man. We'd love for you to come down.

I thought maybe something was amiss when he sang a song called
"Wanna Be Loved" by famous Christian group D.C. Talk a few weeks back. But what can I say? I just thought maybe he liked the song.

Meanwhile, Bob Jones University people are "disappointed" with the fact that he's not singing a hardcore Christian song every week. Yesterday was British invasion night, guys. What do you want from him? Just bide your time until hymns week. Then, verily I say unto you, will it truly be time to worship.

Of course, I'm not saying he's bad because of his ultra-strange, borderline cultish religious past. I'm just saying that, well, I can't think of a way to finish this sentence.

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i.p. daily said...

He can always follow the South Park methodology of replacing the word "baby" with Jesus in popular songs, thereby Christianizing them. Take this verse from Baby I Love Your Way for example:

But don't hesitate 'cause your love won't wait hey

Ooh Jesus I love your way, every day

I wanna tell you I love your way

I wanna be with you night and day

Ooh Jesus I love your way, every day

I wanna tell you I love your way

I wanna be with you night and day

J-Red said...

I caught this in the second week of the "finals" and posted about it over on my blog.

I don't remember what tipped me off. I think it was when I heard the name of the band was "Mute Math", who I had never heard of. I Googled it and realized only a hardcore Christian would pick a Christian rock song.