Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Go terps! But, like, actual terps

I figure I should shoehorn as many non-sports posts in here as I can before March Madness explodes and it becomes All Basketball All The Time for the next few weeks.

And yet, I have been only partially successful. For I have Terps on the brain. Which is perhaps why I gravitated to
this piece on the Maryland state legislature's current attempts to outlaw harvesting of the real Maryland terrapin, whose numbers are rapidly dwindling here amid international demand on the general grounds that they's good eatin.

Help me! I am but a wee terrapin! Squaawk, or whatever sound I make.

The governor and both state houses seem to be on board with various anti-harvesting measures, which starting in May would ban the practice either permanently, or until populations rebound. (And you don't think the politicians are undertaking this to capitalize on the timing related to March Madness, do you? Naaaaaah.) Right now, Maryland is one of only four states that still allow the terrapins to be harvested. China and other countries like to make the terps into soup. (In all fairness, I hear the soup is tasty.) Apparently, in China eating turtles can help with longevity. Except for the turtle.

Hallo, shopkeep! What can you show me in some turtle
meat on a rusty hook? I'm a-gettin mighty hungry!

So here's hoping they pass a law. It would suck to have your state fail to protect its flagship university's mascot right before March Madness. That's got bad juju written all over it.

Md. Officials Aim To Halt Harvest Of Prized Terrapins [Washington Post]

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