Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann Coulter will have the roast duck, with the mango salsa

As you probably know, Ann Coulter did some more wacky stuff recently. She was speaking at a conservative political conference when she referred to North Carolina Senator John Edwards as a faggot. The story is slowly picking up steam, with the usual suspects berating and defending her on the usual sides. This comes shortly after less-publicized comments she made about environmentalists, in which she said that proponents of energy efficiency "want to kill humans" and that energy-efficient refrigerators are a sign that "humankind is dying." Huh.

Anyway, what's interesting here is not whether she used the word "faggot" as an anti-gay slur, etc. It's just the sheer inappropriateness of it. She was speaking at a legitimate political convention! So in that setting, her mental filters said it was cool to use that word in mixed company? No mental red flags or anything? Maybe my own filters are too tight, but I just don't get it. What if you walked into your office and was like "what's up, faggots? What's goin on, faggot? Oh, I don't mean it like that. I'm just callin you a faggot." You wouldn't get an invitation to happy hour ever again. And we wouldn't want that.

But I think I may have the answer. Just in time, there is news that
the Geico cavemen may be getting their own TV series. It's perfect. Ann could play their wacky love interest from next door! See? This is all going to work out just fine. Ann Coulter or no, I am WATCHING that freaking show.

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Rebecca said...

See, now you're making the common mistake of thinking of Ann Coulter as a "pundit" or "commentator" of some kind. She's entertainment. Period. She's a female, "conservative", less intelligent Howard Stern. Nothing more. Calling Edwards a "faggot" is just part of her shtick.

TheDymond said...

I can't wait for 6 months from now when she once again elbows her way into the news by saying something inappropriate. Which I'm sure will, coincidentally, be right around the time her new book "All Democrats are Faggots" comes out.

i.p. daily said...

Is Anne Coulter still around? I think we locked her up with the rest of the criminally irrelevent last year. My question is, what has she ever done? I mean, at all? I like the Howard Stern comparison, except Howard Stern did something new. She's just a mudslinger that somehow got on TV. She's not a journalist. She's not a pundit, because pundits generally hold some policital office or appointment, or at least a PhD, before they descend into punditry. She's not attractive enough to simply warrant putting her on television. We need to put Anne Coulter, Nancy Grace, and Kathy Lee Guifford in a room with no cameras. Oh wait, Kathy Lee Guifford is already in a room with no cameras.

I guess my question here is, "If Anne Coulter can be famous, why not me?" OK, this whole post was sheer jealousy. Damn it, I'm so petty.

i.p. daily said...

PS - It's much sexier for a woman to say "pussy" than "faggot".