Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Marcus Dove's stock just went up 5 million bazillion points

Kevin Durant, who is an absolute force of nature in college basketball right now and is already being hyped as the potential Next Big Thing whenever he gets to the pros, had an online chat today at (Read it now before it goes to Insider and you have to pay for it. Lousy money-grubbing ESPN jerks.) In the chat, Tyler from Cleburne, Texas (lovely town -- I believe it's in the middle of wine country) asked him a question:

Tyler (Cleburne Tx): Who is the best player you played against this season?

Kevin Durant: Marcus Dove from Oklahoma State is the best defender I've played against this season.

Whoa! Marcus Dove?!?! Never heard of him. I'm no basketball expert, but I know a lot of names, and haven't heard of him. I'm guessing a lot of other people hadn't either. I wonder if everyone will tout him now, with sportswriters claiming to have known about him all along and offering "you heard from ME first, ME ME ME!" takes on how "long" and "tenacious" Marcus Dove is, and how he just might be "the best kept secret in college basketball." The sky now could very well be the limit for Marcus Dove. And I, for one, would like to congratulate Marcus Dove on this lofty acheivement.

Kevin Durant Chat Wrap [ESPN]

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