Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome back to "That's Not A Word!"

As we all take a deep breath and wonder what the record is for missed putts in a major golf tournament, and savor a stirring victory for the people's champion - ExxonMobil spokesman Phil Mickelson - at The Masters, it becomes time for another exciting episode of "That's Not A Word!"

Yes, it's a special Augusta edition, ladies and gentlemen. So who, you ask, WHO will be donning the green dunce cap today? As in our previous episode, a sportscaster resides in the TNAW winner's circle, and is none other than CBS Man-Bot Jim Nantz!

Sorry again, everybody. *BEEP!*
My vocabu*BEEP!*lary program
malfunctioned *BEEP!* again.

On the second hole today, Jim, you admired Rocco "three balls in the fountain" Mediate for his "resiliency." But Jim, THAT'S NOT A WORD! This non-word seems to be popular nowadays--unfortunately, however, it does not exist! Perhaps "resilience" is the term you seek! But that's not all, Jim. After a Mickelson tee shot on 12, you said the Left-Hander "visualasizes" that shot every night. Double Whammy, Jim! I can't say what "visualasizes" is, but I can for ding-dang sure say what it is not, and that is "a word!"

So for submitting not one but two winning entries yesterday, Jim, we're giving you two big prizes! That's right - play-by-play stints covering the action-packed worlds of
lawnmower racing and professional women's softball! Have fun, Jim. And we'll see YOU next time on That's Not A Word!

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Kieran said...

I still appreciate you.

MSH said...

Sir, you are the wind beneath my wings. And I'm not just saying that.