Tuesday, April 25, 2006

McCain going about it the "Right" way...get it?

Interesting evidence in the Post's political blog "The Fix" that John McCain is courting the GOP's good-old-boy network. He's inviting a bunch of high-profile Texas ultraconservatives--among them Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks and Cowboys Quarterback Roger Staubach--to a McCain campaign fund raiser. The VIP for the evening is RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. It'll be interesting to see how much money McCain--a known political "maverick" who doesn't consistently play to any one particular demographic, to the chagrin of his party--gets from this area of the Republican party--essentially Bush's base.

Personally, I think McCain is an intriguing choice for president. However, my vote in 2008 is going to the candidate who is strongest on the environment. This issue quit being a partisan issue, in my mind, when storms and other damages related to global warming started becoming more prevalent and dangerous. McCain's record on the environment is
mixed (I LOVE this Vote Smart site, by the way - it makes it very easy to check out-in plain English-the voting records of every politician on every major issue), so we'll just see how it plays out. Anyway, interesting.

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