Monday, April 03, 2006

Yes...what DID happen to the erotic thriller?

Interesting article on, regarding the demise of the erotic thriller. It's written almost wistfully, like erotic thrillers were a beloved American Institution gone to pasture, like Bob's Big Boy or book reading. Where have you gone, The Erotic Thriller? A nation turns its lonely you....

It all felt so right...till it all turned so wrong...

So from this point forward, I hope to help resurrect this forgotten monolith of pop culture. First step - beat the bushes for some desperate actresses. Jamie Luner comes to mind, but she ALWAYS comes to mind. Hmmm...Jennie "The WB" Garth, Yasmine Bleeth, Rebecca De Mornay, Dana Delaney, Amanda Peet, and on and on. This is like shooting fish in a barrel. A SEXY barrel. I smell a groundswell...let's take back the theater for people who like nudity but can't bring themselves to watch porn!

CNN Story Link

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