Friday, April 28, 2006

ESPN vampires the fun out of NFL draft

Maybe it's because the Redskins won't have a lot of picks this year (and none in the first round). Maybe it's because there just aren't a ton of ultra-exciting players out there beyond Bush-Leinart-Young and maybe A.J. Hawk. But whatever it is, I'm not into the NFL draft his year.

Sure, the Redskins might have a chance to snag a
thoroughbred linebacker in the second round. But still - meh. Actually, I think I do know why I'm not into it. The draft has become like the Christmas shopping season - it just gets longer and longer. It's overexposed. Like Bennifer from a few years ago - just thinking about it gives me a dull headache. Of course, this is largely due to the media coverage. And here, by media, I mean ESPN.

Their endless draft coverage is completely out of hand with all these mock drafts on every SportsCenter. I'll be quite happy if I never again hear a sentence like "Don't be surprised if Wichita State tight end Bill Hayseed isn't around when Kansas City's fourth pick comes up, because this kid really upped his stock at the Senior Bowl and sources around the league say the Cardinals love him..." blah, blah, blah, oh my God, I don't CARE! I DON'T CARE!

And it's not like ESPN doesn't have other things to cover. It's the NBA and NHL playoffs and early-season baseball for God's sake! Does professional tennis still exist? What about the PGA Tour? This all speaks to a larger point about ESPN. They now care more about the hype than the actual events. Every single SportsCenter now leads off with Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens, or Brett Favre. Period. Any actual sports going on today? Any at all? No? Then let's get right to the waste of my life that is the Buffalo Bills mock draft!

It's degenerated to the point where SportsCenter isn't the must-watch it used to be. I'm a sports fan. Where's the sports? By trying to juice these things up, they've taken the juice away. And I want my juice back.

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Town E. Dispatch said...

peter king (my favorite sports pundit) pointed out that, though there will be hundreds of players drafted. last year only ten rookies could be said to have had any sort of "impact" on their teams season. some players, like willie parker, take a year to develop, but still for all the hype you would think all these guys who mel kiper's talking about will be pro-bowlers RIGHT NOW. hah.

the only reason to care is the same as it's always been: your teams. so for me, if you aren't a future steeler, or former terp or mountaineer... i couldn't care less.

ps- who will be the biggest pro flop: bush, leinert or young? discuss.

MSH said...

True on all accounts...I think the day I realized the draft didn't matter much was when I realized Taylor Jacobs was like 27 and still not getting any playing time with the Redskins.

I think Leinart will be solid, and Young will be good once they figure out how to "use" him--I see him catching on as more of a Randle El, Brian Mitchell type. Kind of an all-purpose player.

I can't shake the feeling that Bush is going to be injury prone. I could see him having a monster rookie year, tearing out his ACL midway through the second year, rehabbing, coming back to much fanfare, and then tearing it again, or getting one of those high ankle sprains or hamstring pulls that never goes away, and some setback happens in his rehab, etc.

So long story short: I'm predicting Bush to be the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf. Translation into reality, just because I said that: Bush will become the next Barry Sanders.

MSH said...

P.S...Aaron, the Hernandez Seinfeld was on last night! Forgot that it's also the episode with Vandelay Industries in it, too. What do I do? You're in latex. You sell and manufacture latex and latex-related products! I think they aired it as an homage to Hernandez's latest foibles.