Monday, April 03, 2006

My fantasy baseball team - Holy Crap!

So for the second season, I'm playing roto baseball. This is the major team sport I know the least about. But unlike fantasy football, which I consistently and completely overthink, I think my relative lack of knowledge is a positive thing. My 12-team league is set for auto draft, and I made no edits to my team rankings beforehand. I think I got the first pick, but still -- my team is going to kick some ass! My pitching staff is a little injured, but I have faith. Here's my lineup:

Catcher - Josh Willingham

First base - Paul "Freaking" Konerko and Mike Sweeney (anyone want to trade?)

Second base - Alfonso Soriano

Shortstop - Nomar "please stay healthy" Garciaparra

Third - A-Rod

Left field - Coco Crisp

Center - Willie Taveras and Vernon Wells

Right - Ichiro

Pitchers - Mark Buerhle, Roger "please come back" Clemens, Ben Sheets, Joe Borowski, Kerry Wood, Trevor Hoffman, Livan Hernandez, Aaron Harang

Man, that's good. I hope it pans out. Go team!

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