Thursday, April 20, 2006

Terps to test waters, find them scary

News today that Maryland Terrapins basketball players D.J. Strawberry and Ikene Ebekwe are going to "test the NBA waters" by making themselves eligible for the draft and playing and working out for NBA scouts.

They didn't hire any agents, so the move is not immutable, and they can still return to college.

Good move.

Unless I have grossly underestimated the NBA market for underacheiving talent and questionable jump-shooting ("questionable" in Ebekwe's case meaning "ass ugly"), I believe I can confidently predict their return to the Terps next year. Oh boy.

Washington Post
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Town E. Dispatch said...

do i think this move is idiotic? yes. bad? not so much.

last year pittsnogle did the same thing, when he had an equally unlikely chance of getting drafted. it helped him some this season, i think, if only that playing against other top players in draft camp can only be good. i felt it was a shrewd move by kevin's part last year, and may have improved his game and elevated him to (as some pundits have said, but i'll believe when i see) a 1st round pick.

i felt pittsnogle knew he was coming back the whole time. if strawberry and ibekwe actually think they're going to the league, though, they've got some disappointment in store.