Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nats, er, not looking too good there

Thanks to my friend Soultrain, I had an opportunity to attend the Washington Nationals/New York Mets game last night, the seaons's second at home in RFK Stadium. With the smell of day-old hot dog buns and second-hand urinal cakes in the air, trash swirling hypnotically in the outfield, and that bizarre mystery liquid dripping in gobs from the stadium roof, I knew it was time to play ball.

Unfortunately, however, I do not believe that memo
reached the Nationals.

After Super Bowl champ and new Redskins signee Antwaan Randle El threw out the first pitch, we were ready to get it on. On the mound for the Metropolitans was Pedro Martinez, one of the most dominant pitchers of his era. Taking the hill for the Nats, Tony Armas, Jr., who
enjoys fishing.

Here's a grainy cellphone picture I took of Pedro after warm-ups!

Armas fought bravely (after inexcusably walking Pedro, he atoned by snagging a Jose Reyes fireball up the middle to end the inning), but it wasn't to be. Beside a Jose Vidro home run, the Nats brought a squirt gun to a pistol fight.

After the Nats loaded the bases with no outs in the 6th, Jose Guillen dribbled into a double play to end that threat. And Soriano DOGGED it while jogging to field a line drive later in the game. He couldn't have been any mopier out in left field.

Color me unimpressed. Not only do they not have firepower, they don't seem as scrappy as last year. It could be a long season for the Nats. But what can I say - I'm a fan. There's just something about the team, and the stadium. Maybe it's the beer. GO NATS!

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ombudsman said...

RFK is still the best stadium in the area. Like your favorite dive bar, it's dirty, bouncy and conducive to afternoon drunkeness. You are required to attend a United game with me this summer!

MSH said...

Yeah, RFK is very dive bar-ish. I'd say that's an apt comparison. Never been to a United game, although oddly enough, I somehow ended up at a Washington Freedom girls' soccer game there one time. Going to a United game will help me to wash away that painful memory. Hopefully.