Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I want to talk to you about a very serious issue

And that issue is strip clubs. Nexus Gold, in particular. One of Washington's finest venues of alternative dance (or so I've heard - never been there) may be in jeopardy because its current location, in the new Nationals ballpark and waterfront redevelopment areas, has been rezoned for luxury condos. As of December, Nexus Gold could cease to exist.

You can make a real difference in the
lives of real strippers. Like Mystique here.

This just goes to show that rampant urban gentrification isn't all champagne and roses. There are champagne ROOMS to consider as well. Because, you see, there IS a downside to gentrification. A downside that NEVER gets talked about. But I'm here to break that taboo. See? Strippers are now doing what thousands of disenfranchised poor people never could--start a gentrification dialog. And yet you insist on calling them evil. Go back to your spaceship, Reverend.

This is dangerous because the District doesn't give out nekkid dancer permits anymore - the ones that exist now (and there are only like seven or eight of them as far as I know) are the only ones that will ever exist under current law. But what's even dangerouser is, where will folks go to check out the latest dance moves? The hottest trends in lingerie fashion? You tell me. And what would all the out-of-work strippers do for money? Think about it - what could they possibly do??????


We have to save Nexus Gold. We can't let it be another victim of gentrification. Write your city council member. Think of the children! Because if it goes, it takes a part of this city with it. A private part.

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Town E. Dispatch said...

"But what's even DANGEROUSER is, where will folks go to check out the latest dance moves?"

Are you trying to win your own award? Just checking.

MSH said...

Dangerouser is a perfectly cromulent word.